填空 321-330

repetition = repeat+tion  n.重复

turmoil n.骚动,骚乱=chaos

wisdom n.正确的判断 = good judgement

imbecile n./a.低能者,傻瓜 ---imbercility n.愚蠢

ingenious = in+genious a.聪明的

---genius n.天才

---genuine a.真诚的 ---genuineness n.真诚

contrive to do = manage to do 努力完成并且使得它成功

intend to do = plan to do 计划或者有着做某事的想法,具体做了没有或者结果如何并不知道

例如:Although Levi contrived to hide his feelings behind his passive-aggressive ways, not for long Eren discoverd it anyway. 这里从后半句可以看出“hide his feelings”是已经发生并且有了结果的,用contrive而不用intend.

ruse n.阴谋诡计

discernible = discern+able a.可以辨识的

peripheral a.次要的,周边的

contiguous a.临近的,紧挨着的

analogous a.相似的,类似的 = comparable a.可以比较的

subvert v.推翻,颠覆(王朝、思想、道德观念) 例如:颠覆三观...

disseminate v.散布、传播思想

laud v.赞美 例如:a much lauded product 大受好评的产品

discretion = discreet+tion n.谨慎、慎重,自行判断的权利

nonchalant a.冷淡 ---nonchalance n.

circumspect a.小心谨慎 = discreet ---circumspection n.

gratitude n.感激

extant a.现存的 = existed

olfactory a.嗅觉的 connected to the sense of smell

underrate = under+rate v.低估 = underestimate

covet v.觊觎(特别是别人的东西) 例如:Eren had been coveted his Corporal's cravat for such a long time that he himself could barely remembered when did it all begin.

resent v.愤恨,愤愤不平=对于不公正的行为感到愤怒 ---resentful a.

substance n.实质,物质 ---substantial a.实质的,大量的,重要的 = considerable

---subordinate a.从属的,属下的

---substitute n./v. 代替

---subside v.平息,安慰

---subscribe v.捐款,捐献